Weather, Climate and Geography India

India experiences wide range of weather conditions across varied topography and large geographic scale. Due to this weather in India shows variations from one region to another region. Generally the weather in India is cold from November to mid of March and warm and sunny from April to June. June marks the beginning of monsoon which last till mid of September. Thus, India experiences every weather conditions and it varies from region to region. Weather in India varies across the varied topology and vast geographical area.

Weather in North

North India winters are cold and summers are hot and humid. This region receives moderate monsoon and this region is the most climatically diverse. One can experience vast difference in temperature in this region. From ?45 °C in Dras to 50.6 °C in Alwar, People can experience huge variation in this region. This region receives monsoon through the weather patterns of Indian Monsoon and through the Western Disturbance. However some of the places in North India like Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Gulmarg have best climate during March to October and winters are extremely cold and chilled. Places located at higher altitude like Shimla and Manali are much colder during winter and experience moderate to heavy rainfall during the winter season.

Weather in South

Tamil Nadu state has a tropical climate with very little difference between summer and winter. Days are hot and humid and nights are cooler due to see breeze. The state of Karnataka experienced better weather condition compared to other South Indian state. The weather in Southern India is tropical type and the central and northern parts of the state are completely warm during the summer season. Winter are not too cold in this region thus one can spend some good time during winter. Rainy season falls from June to September and it dominates the climate of the state. Weather in the state of Kerala remains pleasant for most part of the year. In Andhra Pradesh, weather is hot and humid during summers and winters are quite pleasant. Overall one can say that weather is more pleasant from November to March and in summers the humidity is quite high.

Weather in East

Eastern part of India lies in sub-tropical zone and the weather in eastern India remains hot in summers and has mild winters. Interior states of this region have more extreme and drier weather, especially during summer and winter and the region receives heavy and sustained rainfall during the entire monsoon months.

Weather in West

Western India have coastal climate due to the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Kutch. Days and nights of the summer season are hot ad humid and monsoon comes from July and last in September. The weather in eastern India becomes cool from October onwards and the weather is pleasant during this time.

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