Currency Travel Tips

Currency Travel Tips

Maximize Your Travel Budget with Smarter Currency Exchange Habits

With all the trip planning that goes into making getaways equal parts fun and cost effective, it just doesn’t make sense to sink your sojourn with currency exchange blunders. Proper planning, having the right resources on hand and avoiding common currency exchange pitfalls are key to changing from U.S. dollars to Japanese yen, UK pound sterling and Euros without worrying that you’re losing 10 percent or more on the transactions. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when preparing for trips that require currency exchange

You can choose to pay in any of a range of currencies when you pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Diners Club. These options are available for many countries and are offered on the page where you enter your card details. Please be aware that if you choose to pay in a currency that’s different from your card’s default currency, your card issuer will use its own exchange rate and may also apply a charge. Unfortunately we have no control over your card issuer’s exchange rates or your bank’s charges..

Interested in taking a closer look at how to safely exchange currency, avail of traveler’s cheques as well as travel cards and get the best deals possible? Then simply call our dedicated customer service executives who are professionally qualified to guide you through.

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